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" Improve your health & wellbeing

& that of others around you"


BMS Wellbeing CIC:  was created based on ever-growing concerns relating to poverty within Greater Manchester. Based on significant feedback from our past work and partner network, has emphasised the need for an organisation catering to those unable to afford treatment. This feedback informed the design and implementation of the whole vision of BMS Wellbeing CIC.


. In Greater Manchester, approximately 620,000 people live in poverty and cannot afford private mental health help. The decline in life expectancy in the Northwest in 2020 also underscores the need for accessible support. This situation was further exacerbated by Covid 19 combined with lockdown. We believe that through the formation of BMS Wellbeing CIC the best way to help individuals with their mental health is to increase their understanding of how it impacts them in their life whilst also giving them the education and resources to make better-informed choices.


Hence, BMS Wellbeing’s mission is focused on: "Positively influencing, inspiring, & enhancing the mental health & wellbeing of others so they can do the same for others within their community, particularly in the borough of Trafford and East Manchester".




Please get in touch to see how we can work together to improve your local community: 

​Mobile: (+44) 07853 629 771

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