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" Do you feel stuck & unable to move forward in life? "

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Counsellor Mental health Health and wellbeing Wellbeing Workshop Wellbeing workshop

Physical health Depression Anxiety Stress Distress Pain Mental pain Emotional pain Mental Emotional Physical pain Physical EMDR Counselling Mental health counsellor CBT NLP Trauma focused therapy Trauma PTSD CPTSD Complex PTSD Multiple trauma Emotional health Emotions

Feeling Suicide Self harm Suicidal ideation Suicidal attempt Overcome depression Overcome anxiety

Overcome stress Overcome trauma Overcome OCD Overcome eating disorders  Reduce depression

Reduce anxiety Reduce stress Reduce trauma Reduce OCD Eating disorders Decrease depression

Decrease anxiety Decrease stress Decrease trauma Decrease OCD Save lives Change lives Save and change lives Sexual abuse Emotional abuse Mental abuse Physical abuse Emotional neglect Physical neglect Domestic abuse  Domestic violence Intimate partner violence Violence Narcissism Parental alienation Gas lighting Manipulation  Struggling with depression Struggling with anxiety Struggling with stress Struggling with sleep Lack of sleep Sleep deprivation Mental health counsellor in Sale

Mental health counsellor in Manchester Mental health counsellor in England How to Overcome depression How to Overcome anxiety How to Overcome stress How to Overcome trauma How to Overcome OCD How to Overcome eating disorders  How to Reduce depression How to Reduce anxiety How to Reduce stress How to Reduce trauma How to Reduce OCD How to Decrease depression How to Decrease anxiety How to Decrease stress How to Decrease trauma How to Decrease OCD How to improve mental health How to improve sleep How to improve wellbeing

How to improve physical health EUPD Suicidal ideation Improve my mental health Overcome depression Overcome anxiety Reduce anxiety Reduce depression Stop being overwhelmed

Counselling sessions in sale Less anxiety and anger No anxiety and doubt, awkwardness

Improve my relationship with my spouse. perceived helplessness improved self worth.

Living in the now and not stressing about the past or the future. sleep better and be full of energy

stop feeling lonely stop beating myself up low energy Feeling lost and not knowing the person I am Withdrawing from loved ones Feeling exhausted all the time lack of joy in everything that I do

Finding a way of not being triggered Improve communication with husband Improve communication with wife

Counselling sessions in sale Counselling sessions in Manchester Counselling sessions in the northwest

Trauma sessions in sale Trauma sessions in Manchester  Trauma sessions in the northwest

Trauma therapy in sale Trauma therapy in Manchester Trauma therapy in the northwest

Trauma therapists in Manchester Trauma therapists in sale Trauma therapists in the northwest

What is trauma? stop questioning myself Not feeling guilty Improve my relationship with myself

Become more confident Stop self-sabotage Healing from narcissistic abuse, family enmeshment, childhood emotional neglect I want to be able to stay or become calm

getting rid of the fear of taking up too much space. Help me process my emotions

extremely chaotic inside my thoughts and also in my surroundings Space to feel validated To find ways to move forward I would be less dyregulated and more able to resolve small things Improve on setting boundaries

Feel down & lost motivation? Feeling emotionally overwhelmed?

Has the pain become too much?

Looking for a solution? What if we were the solution?

ALL our 'Trauma informed Practitioners', have professional experience & expertise in a range of modalities that can be intergrated into each of your sessions:


Eye Movement Desensitisation 


Video Call, Telephone Call, Face 2 Face (Manchester & Sale) Online

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 EMDR helps you process negative images, emotions, beliefs & body sensations associated with traumatic memories.  Individuals safely reprocess traumatic information until it is no longer psychologically disruptive to their lives.


Video Call, Telephone Call, Face 2 Face (Manchester & Sale) Online

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Psychotherapy recognises the lasting impact of trauma.

It can an be a powerful, life-changing experience which can help you to improve your mental health, overcome social or emotional challenges, and fulfil your potential.

Benefit Support

Video Call, Telephone Call, Face 2 Face (Manchester & Sale) Online

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 Support,advice and guidence in the completion of benefit applications and the attendance of benefit interviews. 

Helping you to find answers to your queries and concerns regarding benefits


Neuro Linguistic Processing

Video Call, Telephone Call, Face 2 Face (Manchester & Sale) Online

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NLP is used as for personal development through promoting skills, such as self-reflection, confidence, and communication, dealing with conflict, overcoming fear/anxiety, understanding individual change 

All Trauma Informed Sessions are £60 (60 minutes)

To arrange a free 20 minute discovery call:

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" I re-connected to parts of myself that I had forgotten were there by being more able to challange and overcome my own fears." 

" I felt i was able to align more with my own intuition and  overcome the core of the issue I was struggling with. "

"  I felt  guided with no pressure ,to first find out where I wanted to be & how I could achieve my goals.  "

I have released the negative patterns I had fallen into and I now  think in a more positive way. "

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