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Health & Wellbeing


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" Improve your health & wellbeing

& that of others around you"


BMS Wellbeing: Health & Wellness, is focused on positively influencing, empowering and improving the wellbeing of individuals within the Trafford area and East Manchester area.

We do this through several initiatives:

Wellbeing workshops: Aim to reduce the impact of health inequalities as well as empowering individuals to make better lifestyle choices leading to a better quality of life. We deliver a range of 8 workshops, around topics such as healthy eating, Sleep, physical exercise and 5 ways to wellbeing.  

Peer support groups for Men: Our peer support groups provide a safe, supportive space, in reducing feelings of isolation, stigma and promote the importance of mental health awareness and support between men.

Digital literacy groups: Develop the knowledge and understanding of individuals, giving them the digital skills to make the most of the online world. for example online shopping, banking, social media, and email. 


Brief intervention training: Focused on giving individuals a basic knowledge, understanding and confidence to engage and encourage others towards healthier life choices.




Please get in touch to see how we can work together to improve your local community: 

​Mobile: (+44) 07853 629 771

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