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" Do you feel stuck & unable to move forward in life? "

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Eye Movement Desensitisation Reintergration

 EMDR helps you process negative images, emotions, beliefs & body sensations associated with traumatic memories

Counselling Person Centred Therapy

 Counselling helps you to explore your thoughts, feelings & behaviours so you can develop a better understanding of yourself & of others


Neuro Lingustic Processing

NLP is a way of helping you change your thoughts & behaviors to help achieve a desired outcome


Self Anaylsis Sessions

 S.A.S helps you overcome  practical problems (welfare, debt, housing, benefits) that maybe directly impacting upon your mental health & wellbeing

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" I re-connected to parts of myself that I had forgotten were there by being more able to challnage and overcome my own fears." 

" I felt i was able to align more with my own intuition and  overcome the core of the issue I was struggling with. "

"  I felt  guided with no pressure ,to first find out where I wanted to be & how I could achieve my goals.  "

I have released the negative patterns I had fallen into and I now  think in a more positive way. "