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Health & Wellbeing


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" Improve your health & wellbeing

& that of others around you"


BMS Wellbeing: Health & Wellness, is focused on positively influencing, empowering and improving the wellbeing of individuals within the Trafford area and East Manchester area.

We do this through several initiatives:

Social prescribing support: Our one-to-one social prescribing support, focused towards improving. the general mental health and wellbeing of individuals, reducing and/or removing practical barriers and reducing social isolation.


Peer support groups for Men: Our peer support groups provide a safe, supportive space, in reducing feelings of isolation, stigma and promote the importance of mental health awareness and support between men.


Brief intervention training: Focused on giving individuals a basic knowledge, understanding and confidence to engage and encourage others towards healthier life choices.


Wellbeing workshops: Aim to reduce the impact of health inequalities as well as empowering individuals to make better lifestyle choices leading to a better quality of life. We deliver a range of 8 workshops, around topics such as healthy eating, Sleep, physical exercise and 5 ways to wellbeing.  


Please get in touch to see how we can work together to improve your local community: 

​Mobile: (+44) 07853 629 771

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