The uncertainty of Life

We are living in a fast-paced changing world where recent events are having a direct impact upon our mental health and wellbeing that may also bring old issues to the surface

Its OK not to be OK

Perhaps your reaching out because you are struggling with anxiety or low mood. Perhaps your finding family or work difficult. The stress of daily life and uncertainness around COVID19 maybe causing you to be lost and really unsure about the future

Keep it whole: Body, Mind & Soul

Whether you have accessed support or this is your first time, well done for taking the first step to develop your mental health & wellbeing. Every individual that partners with me truly feels a real sense of INSPIRATION and EMPOWERMENT in making BETTER LIFE STYLE CHOICES. It doesn’t matter where you are located within the UK or beyond; I provide video and telephone sessions, to help fit your lifestyle



"To positively influence, inspire and empower YOU

  towards a greater sense of mental health and wellbeing"


Person Centred Counsellor,  NLP Master Practitioner
& Qualified Life Coach 

I take away your PAIN! 

whether this is Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual,

so you can have a Greater sense of mental health & Wellbeing