Wellbeing Workshops:

  • Improve the general health & Wellbeing of your workforce/ Community Group

  • improve self confidence & self esteem

  • Reduce sickness & absence rates

  • Reduce resistance to change across your organisation 

  • Break down any stigma/barriers associated with mental health & wellbeing  



Bespoke Workshops:

Assertive, Mindfulness, Stress & Relaxation, Stop Smoking, Physical Activity, 


I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop sessions you delivered in my company.  I found  them to be really productive.  By attending your workshop, members of my workforce have identified new ways of understanding their mental health & reaching their future goals 


Bespoke Seminars:

NFG: Networking for Good: A talk about

 “Helping Spot the Signs of Mental Overwhelm in Others"