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Have you ever tried to make your own bread at home? Better still to make it taste so wholesome and yummy? When you actually look into what ingredients are needed to make bread there are only a few; salt, sugar, margarine, plain flour, sachet of dried yeast and a cup of warm water. All you need when you have got the ingredients is to measure them out and use a bit of human energy to knead the dough together and pop it in the oven.

When making the bread one thing you would not do if you were making homemade bread is leave out one of the ingredients such as plain flour or not put enough in the recipe, such as the margarine. Why? Well the answer is simple, you would end up with something that resembles homemade bread, but may taste completely disgusting.

A lot of what I have said so far is obvious when it comes to making bread but what has this got to do with becoming a wholesome human being. From my own personal life experiences and through many conversations with others, there are a number of key ingredients that I believe are needed within an individual for them to become a whole, human being. These ingredients are not mysterious and everyone is aware of them, but I believe it is the combination of them together inside of us that really make the difference to an individual but also the positive impact they can have on others around them.

The ingredients need to become a wholesome human are:

I personally see love as a deep innate feeling that is inside of ourselves that to show, kindness, care and compassion to ourselves. To look after ourselves and hold ourselves with loving kindness. A simple demonstration of this deep innate love is seen in saying calming words, words of praise to oneself and even when needed holding/hugging oneself. This form of love I am referring to here is generated from within and is not gained from that of others or objects around us. I truly believe it is important to learn and be able to love oneself first and in doing so you are more able to share this love with others around you.

If you do feel a lack of love in your life you will notice that this lack of love will result in a feeling of fear that brings a real sense of un-appreciation, sadness of oneself and even strong feelings of hatred. You may also turn to others and rely on them to give you love whether through their approval or material possessions that they give to you.

The hope I am referring to is being more than just an optimistic attitude of the mind that is usually based on an expectation or positive outcome. But more so an inner unwavering knowing that no matter what the situation or current circumstances you may be facing in your life that things work out for the best. This idea of hope is best seen in situations of adversity or repression from other individuals who try and persuade or even force you from what you know to be true or real based on almost an inner knowing, (gut instinct).

If you feel a lack of hope in your life it might be down to the fact of you believing more in the things that you see or hear from other people or the media in general. To have little or no hope is almost like reaching a sense of accepting that things for you and around you will never get be tter and this is the only thing you deserve. Almost like living a groundhog day life.

When you say the word faith to any individual they usually reply that they believe in a certain religion or that they are not religious. It is important to point out that faith and religion are two separate things. Faith can be seen as a belief that is held with strong conviction, or firm belief in something even if there is no proof of its existence. It is something that the individual has a complete trust, confidence and reliance upon it.

From a personal perspective it is important for an individual to have faith in one self (or in another way self-belief). It is extremely important for an individual to truly believe in themselves in reaching goals, their abilities, overcoming difficulties, come out of their comfort zones and stand up for what they believe in (sense of morality). For an individual to not practice or demonstrate self-belief can only lead to a strong sense of self-doubt in one’s own abilities. They may also find themselves giving up on things very easily if they perceive it to be too difficult for them to achieve. More than likely they will seek advice and guidance more often about what they should or should not do in regards to their own capabilities. At an extreme level of self doubt (lack of faith in one self), they will not question things that others may say or do to them accepting as normal and enter almost a complete state of apathy as they move through their life.

Trust is like glue that is unseen, unsigned, unspoken contractual bond between two individuals in any type of relationship. The unspoken, unsigned contract known as trust is only called into question when one or the other individual in the relationship feels that it has been broken by the other. When this happens the individual feels a sense of betrayal, anger and even in some cases taken for granted. Once trust is broken in a relationship it can take time for the ‘wound to heal’ and this is usually only improved by the act of forgiveness from the injured party.

The element that makes up trust is based on a belief or faith that we have in something or someone even when there is no absolute evidence of its existence (note here the relationship between trust and faith). It is clear to see that by placing your trust in something or someone almost certainly brings a sense of risk and uncertainty. More so that the individual or entity may not meet the level of faith you have within them.

Trust can be at a deeper level where it is not based on something or someone but oneself. Trust in your skills, abilities, capabilities. I doubt if any individual can say 100% that they are completely aware of what they are capable of achieving. To some degree your ability to reach your full potential limitlessness. To live a life of full abundance of success and fulfillment. So why do so many individuals falter or fail to reach if not recognise their potential?

As mentioned before, to have trust in one self, really brings a massive sense of uncertainty and risk. As for some who fail in particular situation or task where trust is invested brings self-regret, frustration and severe hatred. However as already mentioned it is also important to give forgiveness and care to one self and to always remember that we never be perfect but are perfect the way we are with all our unique flaws.

So back to where the story began, to become a full wholesome individual requires the mixing together of all the specific ingredients: Love, Hope, Faith and Trust within the desired quantities that meet YOUR appetite and NOT that of others.

I believe that many individuals in the world today do not understand what these ingredients are in their lives and why they are so important. They also rely on other individuals to add the ingredients for them and mix them to their own liking. Many individuals in the world are not whole and it is because of this that they struggle to truly know who they are as well in becoming a wholesome human being. By all means ask someone to sample the mixture and to give some feedback, but remember it is you who will be eating it.

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