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Yes as you might have gathered I have started to use across all the various forms of social media branding and my website the name ‘Wellbeing Expert’. Even when I meet people at events, social functions, etc I am also introducing myself as this. Why may you ask? You an Expert? Really? What are your credentials?

Well this is where the whole reason for my article begins in demonstrating that I am as I say I am: Joel White – Wellbeing Expert.

If you were to Google the word ‘Expert’ the general definition you get I something that looks like this:

“An expert, more generally, is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study. Experts are called in for advice on their respective subject, but they do not always agree on the particulars of a field of study.”

Put it in a simpler way, anybody can be an expert. In fact we are all experts, every single one of us. How? Easy, you are an expert in life, your life. Depending how old you are, each of you have overcome various difficulties, problems, reached certain achievements, had different successes and even faced numerous failures that have to some degree have actually been your biggest learning experiences in your life.

As they say why not write a book about it. So why don’t you, what’s topping you? Ignore the little voice in your head that says you can’t, no one will read it, you don’t know how to. Today all the support you could ever need to do this is available on the internet with so many ways now to self-publish your own book. Don’t get me wrong after writing, editing and publishing your book you would love for it to become a world class read. However even if it does not happen that way, I am confident for the people who do read your book you will make a real difference to their lives. For me, I am at the editing stage of my book and will aim to have it self-published by the end of this year. Before I do self-publish, once my book is edited I will be sending it out to other individuals who I see to be experts in their fields. Best case scenario they will read it and send me some feedback (or what is known as endorsements) and worst case they won’t read it. If this is the case it is their loss as it were.

Dependent on the type of expert you want to become, you will find that it is strongly linked to how much personal experience you have, particular skills in the particular field, how passionate you are about that particular area, but more importantly how much difference you want to make to lives of others. For me personally, I see myself to be an expert in wellbeing based on the personal challenges that I have overcome in my life (more about that later), I am extremely passionate about helping and supporting others so they too can improve and enhance their own wellbeing. I truly believe that “I positively influence, inspire and empower others towards a greater wellbeing”.

In regards to personal experience relating to wellbeing I have overcome many personal challenges in my life. For example , family breakdown as a child,, mental illness (I was labelled as clinically depressed with symptoms of psychosis), nervous breakdown within the work environment, career change, unemployment and in one way homelessness (To find out more about this check out my blog article:!Mental-Illness-First-Hand-Experience/ctu0/3)

I am a true believer in the importance of continual professional development, especially in a particular field in which you are seen as an expert. For myself as a wellbeing expert I have undertaken various professional courses and qualifications relating to wellbeing. For example I am a qualified Master NLP practitioner. I also have other qualifications such as my CBT diploma, motivational interviewing certificate, counselling skills level 3 diploma. In September this year I will also be starting my Counselling level 4 diploma to become a qualified counsellor. (Want to know more about my professional expertise check out my linked in profile:

To further demonstrate your professional expertise in your chosen field is to actually engage with other individuals and put into practice your knowledge and expertise in making a difference to other individuals. The best way to demonstrate this is to be open and willing to take feedback from other individuals and don’t be afraid to share this with other individuals. (Feedback from the various individuals I have made difference to their wellbeing can be seen on my website:

With all that excellent knowledge and expertise in your chosen field look for ways to share this with other people. Many individuals in the world have so much knowledge and expertise in a particular field but are too afraid to share with others. For example they may feel that they are not good enough, expert enough, concerned that others may put them down. What I will say is this, ignore all the ‘what if’s’ and focus on your inner drive or heart to make a difference to others. I also guarantee you that there are many individuals in the world today who are facing or will face the challenges that you have overcome in your life and would love to connect with someone exactly like you for help and support. However they are not going to find you if you don’t come out of your shell and are willing to shine your light in the world. For me, I look for various ways to do this, such as the use of my Facebook page (, Youtube ( and the organising of a regular BMS Wellbeing meetup groups ( My next BMS wellbeing meetup group will be taking place on the 7th July, 7pm to 8.30pm, Ziferblat, Manchester, M1 1HW.


Also look for the opportunities to share your passion and expertise with other like-minded individuals. For example in writing blog articles for them or even making appearances at their events. For me I really value to particular groups that I do this for and these are Ragged University ( and Better Not Stop ( I’m also on the look out for other opportunities to share my passion and expertise with others so please get in touch!! -

So I hope by reading this article I have given you the drive, determination and self-belief for you to move forwards and become an expert in your field and also as the title states, that I am “A wellbeing expert”.

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