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"Working with Small to Medium sized businesses, supporting individuals triggered by their stories, teaching them the ability to reset them permanently, leading to greater productivity, reduction in sickness & absence rates & increased profitability."

From Global Educator to Mental Health Advocate

Founding BMS Wellbeing & delivering the Reset-it Program


"After many years working as a teacher in China, Hong Kong, & even Korea, I truly realised I was passionate about positively influencing, inspiring & empowering others towards greater lives so they can do the same for others. However, after experiencing my own mental health concerns in 2013, I returned to the UK, triggering a decision to change direction.

Experiencing first hand the long waiting lists, limited number sessions & poor quality of services within the public sector, I engaged in many more years of training, as well as various employment roles in the mental health & wellness field, within the NHS & 3rd Sector.

This led me to found BMS Wellbeing: “Keep it whole, Body, Mind, and Soul” in 2015 to 2023, focused on enriching the lives of others through my own experience & expertise as a Qualified Counsellor, Master NLP Practitioner, EMDR Practitioner, Trauma Informed Practitioner & Motivational Interviewer.

However, I realised how our programs & conditions have a real negative impact upon how we manage our own mental health & wellbeing, particularly in client sessions themselves, (in which individuals were being triggered by their own story, other people & situations). whilst becoming acutely aware of the amount of time & money individuals were investing into their own mental health & wellbeing.

This led me to discover the benefits of the Reset-it program, in teaching individuals how to let go of unwanted aspects of their lives, where they can experience a world where they can save time, money, sanity & gain valuable knowledge all with a single program that was more accessible to all.”


30 minute free call to discuss your needs & to learn more about the Reset-it program

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To find out more about the Reset it program visit:

BMS Wellbeing

​Mobile: (+44) 07853 629771

Reset-it Inc /Réinitialise-le Inc.

Montreal, Canada

888 513-3136

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