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How i work with you?

I partner with individuals who have:
  • Respect and honesty for self and others

  • Demonstrate a commitment, determination and desire to change

  • Are willing and able to come out of their comfort zone, pushing their barriers of self-belief


Safety on your journey

I provide a constructive, caring and supportive environment where you can explore yourself in starting to walk your true journey in life. Doubts, fears and limiting beliefs are natural and are all things you can overcome by partnering with me!


No regrets!!!

Clients who partner with me step out of their comfort zones to be the best they can be. When

you work with me you will never have to face the prospect on looking back on your life with regret


Are you Ready?

However, if you feel that you are not ready, have doubts in your ability or in your desire to change, then perhaps I am not the one for you to work with



 Wellbeing House

How i Coach?

I coach you either face to face at my base in Manchester, or through Skype.  We ‘meet’ usually for 45 minutes to an hour over a period of a few weeks or months and through exploring your issues we come up with simple steps forward for positive change

 I have worked with individuals in this country and abroad including Europe, Thailand and China.

Why not have a private one to one session in the Manchester area in an idyilic setting?

Email me today: joelwhite@bmswellbeing.com or call me on

(+44) 07853 629 771

Find a balance to your




I found the session helpful.  I was surprised at the change in my thought process.  It is a physical aspect that has improved since the session & I’ve had it from being 15 years old.  Another note to add is it was very relaxing to take that time out, it helped me feel more settled thereafter to continue with my work.

 I think Joel is fabulous, has amazing qualities (kind, considerate, generous, fun, insightful, knowledgeable, empathic, encouraging, non-judgemental) and great person to be around, he light’s up any room.

Now I have had some time to think about the work we did I have realised that I find it easier to stop any negative self talk and change it around to positivity! When I slip into old negative thinking patterns I take a moment to look at all the things I have achieved so far and give myself credit for that. It helps me take the next baby step safe in the knowledge that I am safe and more capable than I ever thought imaginable!

The great thing about this type of work is that the answers come from yourself. Thank you so much for being the positive mirror that reflected the tiny motivating voice that I have drowned out in the past.




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