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BMS Wellbeing
BMS Wellbeing
BMS Wellbeing


I believe there are three elements that make up the wellbeing of every individual. These are the Body, Mind and Soul:


Body: I am referring to the physical health of an individual that encompasses their overall health including their physical fitness right through to their body and its functioning.


Mind: I am referring to mental health of an individual in regards to their psychological and emotional wellbeing


Soul: I am referring to the soul that each one of us has that is our natural form which has a desire to connect with it source.


It is these elements together that I believe bring a sense of peace, harmony and wholeness of wellbeing to every individual. Hence, it is important that an individual take's care of their body, mind and soul as each element directly influences each part and in doing so affect's their overall wellbeing.


Individuals who work with me gain valuable insight and awareness of the importance of how to balance their Body, Mind and Soul in regards to their Wellbeing!






Your Greatest Self.


On reflection, for any individual to actually discover their greatset self (if not work towards it), is to some degree determined by the answers that you are able to provide to the following 3 questions:


  • Who am i?

  • What is my purpose?

  • What is my direction?


These three questions can be seen to be extremely deep and meaningful to each and every individual. I would also like to point out that there is no right or wrong answers to these questions, Yet by actually contemplating these will definitely lead you towards discovering your greatest self. 


Let me take you on a journey to find your answers to these questions so you too can DISCOVER YOUR GREATEST SELF!!




Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do you want to develop a greater sense of awareness about your own health and well being? 

  • Are you looking to gain more confidence, motivation and information to make a number of lifestyle changes in your life? 

  • Have a drive to make real and ever lasting difference to yourself and those around you? A craving to gain a real sense of inspiration and empowerment in your life? 

  • An interest in going on an internal journey of discovery? 

  • Are you finding that your thoughts, feelings and actions are directly influencing the world around you?

  • To live a life that is more in the present moment? 

  • Difficult in changing and overcome negative thinking patterns and habits? 




Joel has many special qualities.
He immediately puts you at ease with his openness and warmth.
He had amazing intuition to gets straight to the core of the issue I was struggling with.
He made me re-connect to parts of myself that I had forgotten were there by challenging my fears and reframing them into achievements I had overcome.
He is compassionate, strong and nurturing.
A talented coach, wise beyond his years with a big future ahead of him.

why do some people


  • Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what actually is meant by change?

  • What things actually need to be in place to make change possible?

  • Why is it that some individuals continue to make poor life style choices despite knowing that they are having a negative impact on their BMS Wellbeing?


Regardless of what an individual wants to change in their life, it relies on three factors needing to be in place:

1) The confidence: The belief in oneself!

2) The motivation: The can do attitude

3) The Information: The steps needed in how to put that change into practice


When these factors are in place then change is easy for any individual to make, right?


Lets look at a few examples from research conducted in the UK:

  • Of all the individuals who attempt to quit smoking ONLY 25% succeed

  • After signing up for gym membership, 22% stop going to the gym after 24 weeks

  • Of a recent survey into job satisfaction 63% individuals find that they are 'UNHAPPY' in their current job role, but stay where they are.


All these individuals know what change is and more than likely are aware of the three factors that need to be in place to make a change happen. But why do they struggle to make a change yet even try? The fact is you have to WANT TO CHANGE!!


From my own research, knowledge and personal experience for an individual to come to this WANT TO CHANGE point three things must be applied. I call this 'THE AAA PRINCIPLE'


Acceptance - To accept the current situation you may find yourself in regardless of how it may have occurred, whilst also coming to terms with the fact that the ONLY thing you are in control of is how you respond to the situation at hand.


Appreciate - To fully grasp the nature of the situation of what can be learned from the experience and how it can better your life. (This may only come after a period of time when you can look back and reflect on the situation)


Awareness – To be fully aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and how you perceived the situation you were in (and perhaps what you would do differently in a more positive way if it were to happen again).


I will facilitate you in applying THE AAA Principle to your Wellbeing to bring about change in your life!!







The technique used by Joel helped me to come up with solutions myself rather than making suggestions. I am confident that the session has made a positive difference.  I have released some of the negative patterns I had fallen into and I now make a conscious effort to think in a more positive way.
I would recommend a session with Joel to clarify specific issues in your life and find solutions.

I just wanted to say thank you for the 1:1 session.  I found it to be really productive.  Through the technique you supported me with, I identified a new way of understanding my situation and reaching my goal of future planning when previously I could not fathom how to do so.  The quality of your words made the difference.





I found the session helpful.  I was surprised at the change in my thought process.  It is a physical aspect that has improved since the session & I’ve had it from being 15 years old.  Another note to add is it was very relaxing to take that time out, it helped me feel more settled thereafter to continue with my work.

 I think Joel is fabulous, has amazing qualities (kind, considerate, generous, fun, insightful, knowledgeable, empathic, encouraging, non-judgemental) and great person to be around, he light’s up any room.

Now I have had some time to think about the work we did I have realised that I find it easier to stop any negative self talk and change it around to positivity! When I slip into old negative thinking patterns I take a moment to look at all the things I have achieved so far and give myself credit for that. It helps me take the next baby step safe in the knowledge that I am safe and more capable than I ever thought imaginable!

The great thing about this type of work is that the answers come from yourself. Thank you so much for being the positive mirror that reflected the tiny motivating voice that I have drowned out in the past.




Keep It Whole

Body, Mind Soul

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