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 Wellbeing Expert Joel Whit


Joel has many special qualities.
He immediately puts you at ease with his openness and warmth.
He had amazing intuition to gets straight to the core of the issue I was struggling with.
He made me re-connect to parts of myself that I had forgotten were there by challenging my fears and reframing them into achievements I had overcome.
He is compassionate, strong and nurturing.
A talented coach, wise beyond his years with a big future ahead of him.


Benefits of Face to Face sessions

  • Support at a time and place to suit you, wherever you are

  • More personal approach to coaching, helping to develop a better working relationship between the two of us 

  • Regular discussion with your wellbeing expert

  • Flexible, good value access to practical ideas and guidance

  • Tailor-made to your own unique needs

  • They keep you safe and secure as you not need to leave your location

  • Relaxed method of achieving positive change

All sessions include:

  • Relevant resources, worksheets and exercises

  • Coach’s preparation and follow-up

  • Time to reflect on what you say