About Me

"Create your own reality.

Don't wait for others to do it for you"

Joel White,

M.A. in Education and Leadership, Professional Certified Coach (Coaching Standards Authority), Master NLP Praxctitioner (Institute of Leadership & Management), Advanced Motivational Interviewing Competance (MINT)

Founder of BMS Wellbeing

"I fully live and breathe my purpose in life and that is to positively influence, inspire and empower towards a greater life. I have worked with many individuals in enriching their lives through one-to-one sessions, delivery of wellbeing workshops and the undertaking of seminars."


My name is Joel white. With seven years of experience as a qualified teacher, my life took a turn for the better after surviving and overcoming mental health concerns in 2013 at the age of 32 years old. Since the beginning of my new life of realisation, I have gone on to positively inspire, influence, and empower others towards a greater life. Since founding BMS Wellbeing: “Keep it whole: Body, Mind & Soul” in 2015, I have worked with many individuals in enriching their lives through one-to-one sessions, delivery of wellbeing workshops and the undertaking of seminars.


I  began the interview feeling stuck in my current role as a social worker and hoping for a career in holistic work. I felt you guided me with no pressure to first find out where I wanted to be. I like the use of the scoring system you used- asking me how confident I was that I could achieve my goals. It was nice to feel that actually I did feel it was a achievable.


You got me to speak about what things I could do to reach my goals. In fact It became clear to me that currently I was and have made practical steps to make change such as my training courses and also made a plan of how I could change my hours to eventually make space to carry out treatments or work in a holistic centre.


To take the first step to a better life, 

Email me today: joelwhite@bmswellbeing.com or call me on

(+44) 07853 629 771

How do i work?

I work with the whole self - Body, Mind and Soul

I work from a holistic perspective (supporting the development of the whole of you: Body, Mind and Soul).

By developing these three elements of an individual will lead to greater sense of wholeness, wellbeing and quality of life. I truly believe that every individual is unique in following their life’s journey. Hence one size fits all approach is not how I work!


What you will get from me:

  • I see confidentiality to be a paramount concern in keeping you safe as well in building trust with you

  • Ability to listen exquisitely to your needs, values and opinions

  • Acknowledge and highlight your strengths Provide objective feedback that may include things that you may not want to hear

  • I have true belief in the fact that you can and will get more out of your life

  • Every session with me is focused fully around you

  • Facilitate and support you to walk your own journey

  • High levels of integrity, honesty, compassion and humility


What I won’t do:

  • Do the work for you. All I can do is guide and facilitate your development.

  • I cannot walk your journey in life

  • Make value judgements and patronise you

  • Create and instill false hopes and promises

  • Make it all about me

  • Become your friend, but I will be friendly

  • Partner with your problems

  • Allow you to wallow in self-pity as I will be focused on supporting you to find your own solutions



Keep It Whole

Body, Mind Soul

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