Why are BMS wellbeing Workshops important to your workforce?:

I understand that it can be challenging to implement change across any organisation, particularly in changing the mind-set of individuals in regards to workplace wellbeing. My workshops are specifically designed to enhance and empower employees towards improved mental wellbeing as well as breaking down the stigma associated with mental health issues. Workshop examples include 5 steps to Wellbeing, Mindfulness and Assertiveness 


Bespoke Workshops:

I am able to develop bespoke health and wellbeing workshops to meet your needs, by utilising the knowledge and experience of other experts within the health and wellbeing profession.  

Outcomes of Wellbeing Workshops:

For you as an employer this will lead to:

  • More resilient team in regards to their confidence and morale

  • A reduction in stress and sickness among your workforce

  • Improved performance and productivity


I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop session.  I found it to be really productive.  By attending your workshop, I identified a new way of understanding my situation and reaching my goal of future planning when previously I could not fathom how to do so.  The quality of your words made the difference.

Everlasting Change:

I recognise the fact that individuals have to be motivated, willing and able to make positive long term changes to their health and wellbeing. Which is why at BMS Wellbeing, I offer one to one coaching sessions to support individuals regarding everlasting change to their health and wellbeing.