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" Empower your staff to make better decisions

around their Health  Wellbeing "

What type of group experience are you looking for?



Focused on the principles of engagement, & exploration around various topics of

health & Wellbeing.

For example Assertiveness, Stress, Mindfullness

Rediscover Within Workshops

Practical, informative, & powerful workshops. Focused around the main themes of Identity, Purpose & Direction

Mindful Journeys

Go deeper within & experience a greater sense of awareness of your feelings, mind & body. For Example, Woodland of Tranquility, Waterfall Bliss 

Short Shots

 Designed & delivered to inspire, inform, & elicit a call to action to bring change in your life. For example Trauma 101, Emotional Regulation, Mental Overwhlem

To arrange a free introductory session & discuss your organisational needs

" All our staff felt that they have bonded further as a team and 

make a real effort to help and support each other more. " 

"The Short Shot Seminars, really

resonnated ith our organisations values and ways of working "

"  Thankyou. After doing several mindful journeys, my staff have now setup a Monday Mindfullness group to help them start their week  off to a positive start "

  By attending the wellbeing workshops, members of my workforce have identified better  ways of understanding their mental health & wellbeing "

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