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Benefits of 1 to 1 Sessions:

  • More personal approach to supporting your mental health & Wellbeing

  • Regular discussion with your wellbeing expert

  • Flexible availability of sessions to meet your lifestyle

  • Tailor-made to your own unique needs

  • Relaxed method of achieving positive change

Sessions include:

  • Relevant resources, worksheets and exercises

  • Coach’s preparation and follow-up

  • Time to reflect on what you say

Sessions delivered in the following format:

  • Face 2 Face, Video, Telephone & Live Chat 

 Wellbeing Expert Joel Whit


Joel immediately puts you at ease with his openness and warmth.

He had amazing intuition to gets straight to the core of the issue I was struggling with.

He made me re-connect to parts of myself that I had forgotten were there by challenging my fears and reframing them into achievements I had overcome.